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53 Reviews
I was recommended Gethair from a work colleague, its something I had never really contemplated until he mentioned that he'd had one. It looked natural so thought his hair had always been that way. After seeing some photos of how his hair had looked before I asked about the company and started seriously looking in to it. I sent photos of my hair and from that moment the service and information I received was great. I was still a bit hesitant travelling to Turkey but as someone I knew had been there it was nice to be able to ask him questions, although Khan from Gethair answered most if not all. I flew to Turkey in December 15 and was picked up as arranged at the airport and taken to the hotel. The hotel was very nice and food was lovely. The day of the procedure I was picked up at 9AM and taken the 5 minute ride to the clinic. Once there I met the doctor and staff involved, I thought they may be others getting it done but from what I could see I was the only person . The attention I received was great, the procedure took about 6 hours. I was then taken back to the hotel for the evening. The next day I was taken back to the clinic to check everything was ok which it was. I was given all the information I needed for my after care and even messaged everyday to remind me. Its now about 3/4 months on and the new hair is getting thicker and thicker. I am delighted with the results and people I know have commented loads on how good its looking, and I have recommended Gethair on a few occasions to various people. If I ever need another in the future I wouldn't think of going anywhere else but Gethair. Great service and results
Since 2 years, suffered from the dramatic change of image due to male pattern baldness. Felt that I needed to do something about it to return to 'who I really am'. So after a lot of research about FUE, and various consultations with some companies, I decided to get my operation done with GetHair in Istanbul. Based on their reputation and also good results achieved by their patients, contacted them for a quote and consultation. Was Impressed with the level of professionalism during my correspondence before the operation day, had all questions and doubts answered, and even more Impressed when I got there In Istanbul. I have to confess that I was very nervous about going abroad to do my operation, but my fear went away immidietly. Efficient taxi, nice hotel in same street of the hospital, but also State of the art clinic, super clean, and Dr. Tayfun and his staff are just amazing people who made me feel comfortable and did the operation in a smooth and super professional way! Its been 3 weeks since my operation and I look forward to see the results in the coming months. There is absoulutley nothing to be afraid of, Its vitrually painless procedure, and also Istanbul, and the clinic itself exceeded my expectations! I did a great choice in choosing Gethair, not just for the price, but also for the quality as its top notch, and I am sure my experience with them will change my life! Recommend it to anyone who still is afraid of taking the step. Just do it and there will be no regrets!
I had a very positive experience with GetHair. When I decided I would need to do something about my thinning hair I started talking to Kaan, who was very professional, polite and always willing to answer all my questions regarding FUE. He was neither pushy or overly assertive. I booked my procedure without any hesitation. I also had known someone who used GetHair for their FUE and their feedback was also very good. From the moment you get picked up at the airport in Istanbul and get dropped off a few days after to go back to UK you feel confident everything would be done on time and how it should be. The hotel is nice (it's actually only 5 minutes away from the clinic), the drivers are very punctual and the facilities at the clinic are top-notch. The patient coordinator (Julia ) is a very nice person, always helpful and genuinely committed to making sure you get great results from the procedure. She is also very fluent in English, so no need to worry anything would get lost in translation. As I mentioned before, the facilities at the clinic are top-notch - on par with best private clinics in the UK and far better than any NHS hospital I have been to! The procedure itself take 6-7 hours with a break for lunch inbetween. You can relax and watch TV. During the first part of it I was actually asleep! The only moment you feel pain during the procedure is at the very start when you are given an anaesthetic injection into your head. It is bearable and only lasts less than a minute. It definitely helps that the staff at the clinic makes you feel relaxed by throwing a few jokes. I have now been into the healing process for just over a month and am confident of getting great results from my operation. I understand it is a big decision to go abroad for any kind of operation. However, with GetHair the risk is miniamal as these guys are very professional, punctual and are committed to filling your head with hair again :)